5 Games That Can Be Played Only In A Gaming Laptop

Buying a gaming laptop is certainly not everyone’s cup of coffee and despite the great importance of gaming laptops, some gamers are not so keen to invest on these machines. Perhaps the main reason behind this is the fact that gaming laptops are usually seriously expensive than the normal PCs and you might not be ready to cough such amount of money to own the machine. However, there are some games which you can only play in a gaming laptop and when it comes to this, you really have no option than to buy yourself a good laptop that will precisely cater to your gaming needs.

Here are five games which unless you have a gaming laptop, you can forget about playing them.

Myst (1993)

This is an awesome 1993 adventure/ puzzle game which transports players to an unknown, mysterious island where they try solving some difficult riddles while to uncover some hidden secrets of the island. The highly intricate graphics of this laptop is essentially what causes great limitation when it comes to where to play it at. Unless you buy a gaming laptop, you can be certain that other gaming machines out there won’t be able to run this game.

Jak and Daxter

jdIf you are a new gamer, you might not help but wonder exactly what this game could be doing on this list. However, with Jak’s oversized ears and eyes, you can always be certain that if you don’t have a gaming laptop, it would be very difficult to enjoy the interaction between you and Jak together with his cartoonish friend, Daxter. This is one of the so called ‘heavy games’ which will run on only some limited devices and buying a gaming laptop if you are a fun of this game is a must.

Infinity Blade

Mobile games are known for being 2- dimension when it comes to complexity and graphics and as such, you will need a gaming laptop to play these games if you want to enjoy the best gaming experience. This game actually requires a very powerful gaming laptop and assures the player with a stunning and immersive experience. The rich graphics of the game are essentially what sets it apart from other games out there but the price that you have to pay for this is being able to play it on a gaming laptop only.

Banjo- Kazooie

This is one of the most recent games to grace the world of gaming. The game generally features a bear known as Banjo together with his companion Kazooie. As far as the graphics of this game are concerned, it is no doubt that it is a real break through in this part of the world and as a gamer, this is a game which you can’t afford not to play. So, grab your gaming laptop and start loading your game right away and you will start to enjoy a remarkable experience.

Heavy Rain

Usually referred to many as a classic, interactive drama, this game usually features players who switch among the four different characters in their efforts of catching a serial murderer by the name of the Origami Killer. Heavy rain has certainly become a top favorite for many gamers thanks to the cutting edge graphics featured in the game.

There are many other great games out there which demand that you invest in a laptop if you really want to enjoy playing them. You can find a great gaming laptop that fits your budget and you can buy it and take your gaming experience to a whole new level.

5 Features To Look For In A Gaming Laptop

When you are in the market place looking for a great gaming laptop, here are top 5 features that you should consider splurging on if you want to enjoy the best gaming experience and excellent value for your money.

Processor- CPU

It is important that you look for a gaming laptop with a fast processor and there are certainly no two ways about this if you want to enjoy gaming with a difference. For your CPU, the main battle you will have to fight is between Intel and AMD and you can always be sure that you can never go wrong with either of the two. Presently, Intel leads the way and its offerings are certainly the best when it comes to gaming.

Graphics Cards

To start with, graphics cards are an area where you will need to spend a lot of your money on as this can make or break your gaming experience. There are many different types of cards available out there on the market and you will need to be well informed on the best ones to opt for. These graphics cards are used to enhance the graphics of the game and you will really need them if you want to get the best out of your gaming. While you can put two graphics cards on your laptop, you will need to check on the space limitation and know that heat could be a problem.


ramYou really don’t need an angle to convince you that buying a gaming laptop with a higher RAM is important when it comes to enjoying an incredible gaming experience. Aim for at least 8GB of RAM if you really want to enjoy the best experience and you can be sure that you will be able to run even those highly sophisticated games. Fortunately, it is possible for RAM to be upgraded later on and this is something that you can comfortably do all by yourself

Hard Drive (SSD or HDD)

When it comes to hard drive, this is an area that you really don’t want to gamble with and it is essential that you look for one having ample drive space. When you are confronted with a choice between HDD and SDD, it is important that you always opt for SSD if you want to be on the safer side. However, you should know that even though the price of SSDs have reduced greatly nowadays, they are still more costly compared to the HDD particularly those with a large capacity. It is very common for you to find games that are even more than 20 GB and they still continue to grow all the time. Since space limitations means that laptops don’t come with two slots, you don’t have the option of using small SSD to serve as your boot drive while a larger one to handle your content and files.


When it comes to the screen of the gaming laptop, you will need to trade off between portability and size of the screen. While bigger screens mean more gaming fun, they on the other hand make the gaming laptop more power hungry, bigger and bulkier. Look for a 1080p resolution and you will certainly be good to go as far as getting the best out of your gaming is concerned.

Besides these 5 features, there are many more features that you should really consider if you really want to enjoy an immersive experience. Things such as portable speakers and some earphones are great additions that can help you enjoy your games even much more. You can also visit this site to get help regarding selecting gaming laptops. I visit this site frequently and it contains great articles.

Are Gaming Laptops Under $1000 Good In Quality?

When it comes to buying a gaming laptop, you definitely want to ensure that you find the finest deals possible on the machine. There has recently been a great demand for laptops under $1000 and as gamers are keen to ensure that they don’t end spending a fortune while buying a gaming gadget. But before you part with your hard earned money to buy that gaming laptop priced under $1000, it is essential you do your homework well and know whether you are getting a great deal on it or not.gll

These are among the low priced laptops available on the market today and if budget is a concern for you, you might find yourself buying this laptop. Just because you are buying an expensive gaming laptop doesn’t mean that comes with an assurance of the best quality. Still on the same note, simply because you are purchasing a gaming laptop priced under $1000 doesn’t necessary mean that you are getting a poor gadget as well. One thing you should know is that this laptop is a perfect choice for both play and work and you can trust on it to provide you with an awesome gaming experience.

Check the brand

As far as buying a high quality gaming laptop under $1000 is concerned, it is important that you check at the brand of the machine that you are buying. Well known brands such as Apple and HP as well as Dell for example are well reputed for producing laptops of great quality regardless of their price. On the other hand, most of the new and upcoming brands are introducing very cheap gaming laptops on the market with an aim of luring buyers to consider buying their machines. While this doesn’t mean that you should only buy your gaming laptop from one of the big brands available on the market, you need to do your homework very well so that you can have a good idea of exactly what you are buying.

Don’t sacrifice quality

It is needless to say that when you opt to buy a gaming laptop under $1000, you will be sacrificing the quality of the machine to some extent. For instance, some of these relatively low priced gaming laptops are known to come with some not so good graphics and this can deny you an opportunity of experiencing the best gaming experience. High end machines are on the other hand much more expensive but they definitely assure you great quality.gtl

High end machines designed for gaming are priced above $1000 and if you are a casual gamer, such laptops might not be really an option for you as such. Casual users can settle for gaming laptops under 1000 since they really don’t need highly graphically oriented gaming laptops on the other hand. However, if you are really a serious gamer, the truth of the matter is that gaming laptops under $1000 might not be the best choice for you.

To cut the long story short, gaming laptops under $1000 are not always the best quality and this is something that you should know right from the word goes. Nevertheless, if you are really on a serious budget and quality isn’t really of great concern to you, you can settle for these laptops and you will still enjoy your gaming experience as well. The most important thing that you will really need to do is to check at the features and specs of the gaming laptop and know what you can afford to sacrifice without jeopardizing your gaming experience when buying a gaming laptop under $1000.

5 Must Buy Gaming Accessories

Any gaming enthusiast should hunt for the best gaming accessories they can get their hands on to better their gaming experience. In fact, gaming accessories have nowadays become a very crucial necessity and if you are really serious about gaming, these are certain accessories that you must have and here is a look at the top 5 of them.

Gamer Mice

download (2)A gaming mouse is very different from the common computer mouse as it is designed precisely to suit your gaming needs in the best way possible. This gaming mouse essentially comes with extra control keys, more comfortable grip and awesome sensitivity and you can be sure that it will certainly give you an incredible gaming experience. Perhaps the best thing that the gamer mouse does is giving you full control of the game particularly those response time- sensitive games like first person shooters where you must always be at the top of the game at all times.

Gaming Keyboard

download (3)Any seasoned gamer out there will tell you that the standard PC keyboard doesn’t really do any good when it comes to playing games that are more complex. For this reason, it makes a lot of sense that you consider investing in a gaming keyboard that is designed to suit your gaming needs in the best way possible. Gaming keyboards are specially designed for gaming and usually feature programmable keys that allow the gamer to have full access to the specific commands of the game with only a simple push on the button. Nowadays, there are some highly advanced gaming keyboards that even come with some small video displays and this allows the gamer to be able to see some in-game screens like item menus even without accessing an option.

Game Pads

Sometimes, the game pads are usually linked to the computer keyboards and gamepads do a very crucial role of functioning in a highly compact version and in a much better way compared to the normal keyboards. For instance, you can run them with just one hand and the gamer is certainly assured of being able to games the game workings in a much better way and the hand is able to wield nicely around the mouse. Even though not every gamer is a fun gaming pads, you can bet that there are others who really enjoying gaming with these accessories. Check cnet for the latest reviews on gaming accessories.


Gaming Speakers

Nowadays, most of the top games use surround sound technology as well as state of art sound in efforts of enhance the gaming experience. Keeping this in mind, it is needless to stress on the importance of investing in some great gaming speakers. Having a great set of speakers can be able to give you an incredible experience and allow you to enjoy an awesome adventure that you can always live up to. There are sound systems available for any budget ranging from the affordable ones to pricy sound systems that are designed to take your gaming experience to a high level.

Game Chairs

Perhaps you didn’t see this coming but buying a game chair is a fantastic way of ensuring that you experience the best enjoyment in your course of gaming. In fact, having a good gaming chair can mean the whole difference between being incredibly comfortable for just 1 hour or 10 hours. So, shop for a game chair that is optimum fit for you depending on your size and preferences. Gaming chairs come with some adaptable features as well as additional support and are certainly worthy the investment.

If you make an effort of having at least these 5 important gaming accessories, you will always be a happy and satisfied gamer.